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Allsorts - A Collection of Short Essays, Fiction and Poetry

The Art of Getting the Heck Out There

Like most obedient writers, I spend some portion of my time submitting works to publications, contests, and forums. My Submittable account is starting to build up a fair collection of "Accepted"'s, "Rejected"'s, and "In Progress"'s. Sometimes these things do pan out, happily enough! An example is the recent Poetry Open Mike I joined, hosted by the San Franciso Writers Conference (SFWC - https://www.sfwriters.org/), one of my favorite writer resource groups. They posted the reading on YouTube...


Here is the link:



Here is the blurb:

On May 1, 2021, the San Francisco Writer's Conference hosted an Open Mic Marathon on Zoom. Since poets dropped in at different times, we all agreed to share the recording so latecomers could hear what they missed, and the poets generously agreed to share the recording with you, the larger SFWC community. We've edited out the gabbing between speakers so you can enjoy our open mic marathon in about 48 minutes. 


I was lucky to be in the company of some excellent poets. Happy Listening!

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